Jesse H.

I had my first with Meg and it was very healing for me in the way she told me things that not only gave me hope but put certain things in perspective for me from this day forward. She told me of some things only my loved ones could’ve known. For my first experience it opened me up to a lot of things that are going on in my life and for that I am thankful. I highly recommend her if you want to get some the answers you may be looking for.


Megan S.

I have been following Meg for over a year now. I would read her posts, read the reviews, but never had a reading with her until recently. I have seen 2 other mediums in the past and with Meg my reading was very different. She is the real deal. She knew so many things about my family and personal details that you couldn’t find anywhere on the internet. She really captured my loved ones, their tones, their voice, and everything that they had to say to me. Here are just a few examples of validations that came through during my reading.

-She first described a gentleman who admired a photo on her wall. It was a photo of a plane from WW11. My grandpa flew B-17’s in WWII and always talked about his time serving in the war. She knew many details in his life (both good and bad) and some of the relationship struggles that he had in his life. She was able to describe these in great detail. She told me that he loves to play on the floor with my son when he plays with his big airplane. She had no idea one of his favorite toys is his Paw Patrol air patroller. She made the mention of “tomcat” and how it was validation for something. This didn’t resonate with me so I asked my mom if “tomcat” meant anything to her. It was the name of my grandpa’s boat. He named it this because it was his nickname back when he served. These are all things that she couldn’t know unless she was truly connecting with him.

-My grandma- She made reference to my grandma dancing on the Lawrence Welk show. This is insane because my grandpa & grandma were on an episode of the Lawrence Welk show in the 50’s dancing and she had a tape of it. She showed me often and was so proud of that. This is something Meg could not know unless she was actually connecting with my grandma. Another crazy thing was that she said my grandma’s favorite composer was Irving Berlin. I didn’t think much of it and knew she liked him. Until later when I was talking to my aunt and she told me she played a concert for Braille at the exact same time as my reading and opened with mom (my grandma’s) favorite Irving Berlin song. We both got the chills. How does this even happen? 🙂

These are just a few validations I received of many. Meg was comforting in her approach. She checked in with me to make sure I understood what my loved ones were trying to communicate with me. She cared for them and for myself and told me important information I needed to know, as well as, information others in my family needed to know. She name dropped people in my family without any hesitation, some of which aren’t on social media so she couldn’t just look them up and find out this information. Out of the few mediums I have seen in the past, Meg really knew her stuff. She validated things over and over and over again. She knew personal things about how I felt in times and was able to give me advice from loved ones. I walked away from our session with a sense of comfort knowing that my loved ones are all around me and that they are okay. Even the truest of believers at times question things but Meg has a gift and is able to truly show you and communicate these wonderful blessings that are meant for you. If you are the least bit curious, go for it! You will not be disappointed. I can definitely tell you that I will be talking to Meg again in the future. Her gift brought me a true sense of peace, comfort, and healing that I have been missing for sometime. Thank you Meg! ❤


Diana M.

“Meg was very tied into who she was connecting to. She was able to validate things from so many family members. I would recommend Meg to anyone needing to connect with loved ones.”


Angelina F.

My experience with Meg has been beyond amazing every single time! My latest session with her revolved around my friend who recently took his own life she immediately was able to connect with him and gave a very clear messages to validate that it was indeed him who is speaking to us. She mentioned the number 42 multiple times which is the number of the jersey he always wore ! He loves basketball and she also validated that as well. He mentioned a couple names to her that were some of his really close friends and after the session more made sense when I did some research and found out that many other names he mentioned were also connected to him. She was able to locate the place of his death which I had not even known before until after the session; she kept mentioning Texas which I later found out was where he died. Meg was also able to know in the way that he died and I did not given her any previous information before hand. She also mentioned a connection to California where my best friend now lives in San Diego and she specified the city as well and he happened to be very good friends with my best friend who lives there . Meg said he sends Butterflies to her in California all the time and my friend said that she has been seeing butterflies lately a lot ! He also mentioned how he likes to send songs to people specifically count on me by Bruno Mars and I later talk to one of his friends which said she kept hearing count on me by Bruno Mars multiple times a week and her Bruno Mars poster recently just fell off her wall. I also mentioned to her that Meg told me he likes to send feathers and she said she just saw a feather earlier that day. I could go on and on about how specific and clear Meg is with her readings I would recommend to anyone especially those ready to heal and connect with those who have passed. She also gives great insight on your life and where you’re supposed to be at the moment and what is best for you. Meg is also very good at the medical intuitive aspect as well 100 out of 10 I would recommend Meg to anyone any day!


Linda S.

Meg brought decades of family members in my reading and rubbed shoulders with my favorite loved ones. She identifies them by name and describes your relationship (s) walking in hand with your guides. The messages she delivers are uncompromised and specific. Without hesitation, I fully recommend her to assist in your soul search and healing. Her psychic ability coupled with her demonstrated ability to speak with those that crossed over is phenomenal. She accurately described physical issues, delivered steadfast healing, and transported me to a resolution from anxiety with utmost care and integrity. Her star quality resonates with the universe, almost from another dimension. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.

Megan K.

Where to begin.. by human nature we are usually very skeptical but also really curious. Going to a session with a medium is something that it usually at the forefront of peoples minds when they are trying to understand a certain time in their life, but most will search the internet every now and again with hopes they find someone to give them peace of mind but never actually give it a try—-and I think it’s because they are scared of the idea or think that the medium on the other end will give them the short end of the stick.. but guess what? Stop looking. Megan Moira is amazing. We had a reading with her about my sister who had passed away early this year, and there were things she knew that you can’t search for or know based on internet searches. It’s really hard to find a medium you can trust, and I really, really hope this review gives you some peace of mind. What she has is a gift, and I am truly thankful for to her for connecting us to my sister. There are some things in this world that can’t be explained- but she can make it more explainable. Megan K.

Absidi S.

Ok, this will be very long, but worth the read, so please bear with me. I’ll start by saying Megan is truly an absolutely incredible person. Her gifts are mind blowing. As most people are, I was definitely skeptical. I completely believe there are gifted people in the world, but I never had experienced anyone with the talent and gifts she has. I went into this with an open mind but had prepared myself to be disappointed in case it wasn’t what I was hoping for. But let me tell you, meeting with Megan was more than I could’ve ever imagined. I lost my father last year. The journey was a rough one. He was like my best friend and I was longing to connect with him somehow and get some peace and closure about where he was now. Megan knew information that literally nobody else in the world knew. She articulated my dad’s messages so accurately, it was mind blowing. My dad was a very interesting person; silly, hard headed, a jokester and somewhat inappropriate at times (in a funny way). Megan’s relay of information was so accurate, she was even able to describe his facial expressions the way he was while he was alive. The things she said he told her, where 100% things he would say. To the point that I was laughing and crying at the same time because of how accurate the lines he would say to her. Something as simple as “he wanted to make sure you were dealing with someone who would hear him clearly”. My dad was Extremely particular and strived for accuracy with everything. There is no doubt in my mind he chose Megan for me to connect with. She also described a scenario he shared with her…while describing it, she said she wasn’t sure why he was showing it to her. What he was showing her was something that had happened while I was at his house, which was the start of this entire journey of his passing. It was something that nobody would have known. The only people involved were he and I. I believe my Dad was sharing that with her to prove to me I could trust her. She knew that I was supposed to have another sibling, and that my dad was with him in heaven. I had never shared with anyone that my mom had a miscarriage when I was younger and lost a little boy. I’m addition to the specific and clear details that she provided, she was also able to relay specific messages from my dad. Some messages were insight as to why he was the way he was… a question I often asked myself when he was alive and tried to understand that he had traumas of his own. She also relayed apologies from my dad and things he shared that I had never really said out loud, except to my sisters. The apologies he gave and reassurance was messages I went my whole life wishing I could’ve heard from his mouth. So hearing that those were the messages coming through just resonated so deeply because it was basically the entire reason I wanted to meet with her. Megan, your gift is absolutely incredible. I have no words to truly explain how grateful I am for this experience. It’s been almost a year and everyday has been tough trying to navigate the world without my dad and my heart has been so heavy trying to understand why things happened the way they did and questioning if I should have or could have done things differently. A verbatim message from him was “there’s nothing anyone could have don’t to save me” and that in itself helped put my heart at ease. I cannot sing her praises loud enough. This woman is truly astounding. If you have any interest or curiosity about reaching out to her…do not hesitate. Go as fast as you can to make an appointment with her. There is no amount of money in the world worth the experience/healing/peace that’s she’s able to facilitate!


Robin M.

Meg is without a doubt an amazingly gifted soul that I have had the honor and pleasure of readings with as well as attended both the Beginners and Advanced Mediumship courses she offered. I took the beginners course with no intention of moving on but as the course advanced so did I. I realized that I was were I was meant to be working, studying and mentoring with Meg but also with an amazing group of souls sisters that encouraged and supported me… we encouraged and supported each other! What came out of the both the beginners and advanced classes was a true knowing that Meg wanted only the best for all of us challenging our group every step of the way. It was through though challenges that I grew more confident in who I was and in my own gift. I am learning to trust what I feel, what I hear, what I know. I took the beginners course wanting a better understanding of who I was and in turn learned so much more about myself moving on to take the Advanced Mediumship class. Meg is a blessing, a friend, a soul sister and an amazing teacher


Melissa O.

I am a skeptic. Not just of mediums and psychics but of everyone. I will admit she floored me. She knew things no one could possibly know without knowing me my whole life.
She knew my pets are not only pets but my children. She mentioned a dog I had that didn’t click until well after our session ended but he was my very first ‘child’. She also eased my mind of my special ‘child’, my boy (which she knew I called him), that he died peacefully. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.
She knew details of my father which are too painful to get into here, but she knew.
She also mentioned that I shouldn’t eat eggs. I have been struggling with a food allergy that I couldn’t figure out for a few years now. I’ve tried cutting everything out one by one to try and figure it out getting nowhere. I have been to doctors who put me on a special diet. I am a breakfast lover and never even thought eggs could be an issue. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I have since cut eggs out of my diet and have had no more issues.
She encouraged me to order a dna test kit for genetics and ancestry. I ordered that kit today. I’m excited and nervous to get those results. There’s something I should know in there but I’m so nervous to find out what.
I could go on and on about the things she eased my mind about and helped me figure out but I doubt there is enough space.
The 30 minute session I planned went way beyond that because I couldn’t stop listening. If I could bottle her up and keep her in my pocket I would.
Not only is she excellent at what she does but she is also an amazing and caring person. Those people in todays world are very few. She is a gem that I am so thankful is now a part of my life.
If you need answers, peace of mind or anything in between I highly recommend giving her a call. Those words are not words I say often. You will not be disappointed.
Peace and love to you.

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