How to Prepare

for your


Can I ask Questions?

In our session, I ask that you validate with a yes or no, as that helps the flow of energy in our reading. You may keep a list of questions on hand by you that spirit can look at and answer through me if they want to. Please do not feed me information or interrupt me. This interrupts the energy. I ask that you have no distractions such as watching television or loud noises. Stay in one spot while I am reading for you.  


Can other people
be in the room?

 Nobody else should be in the room unless they paid for a spot in this reading too. This reading is for you, and their energy being present can cause issues. 


May I take a
Bathroom Break?

Please use the bathroom beforehand. I can always pause our session if you need to go again. It happens.


Can I share a
photo with you?

Pictures are not needed. The less I know the better, but I like to make the best of our time together.


What can I do to
prepare for the reading?

I ask of you to be in a quiet environment. I reserve the right to not read for you when you are driving, working, walking, or have others in the room. 


Will it be recorded or can I take notes?

If our reading is by phone, I do not record it. You are free to take notes.

If our reading is by zoom, I do record that for your keeping. The recording is only for you as the reading was only for you. All sessions are kept confidential. I ask my privacy be respected as I respect yours.

I look forward to helping you connect with your loved ones in Heaven.

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